Hockey Goalie


In ice hockey, the goaltender, likewise known casually as the goalie, is the player who protects his/her crew’s objective net by halting shots of the puck from dropping in his/her group’s net, therefore averting the contradicting group from scoring. The goalie, as a rule, plays in or close to the range before the net called the objective wrinkle (frequently pointed to basically as the wrinkle or the net). Goalies will almost always stay at or past the top of the pleat to eliminate the edge of shots. In light of the force of shots, the goaltender wears uncommon supplies composed to secure the figure from immediate sway. The goalie is a standout amongst the most important players on the ice. A goalie’s exhibition can significantly change the conclusion or score of the diversion. One exclusive goalie is permitted to be on the ice for every group at any given time.

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