You Might be Hockey Mom If…

Might be a hockey mom if…

  • You carry a blanket with you at all times.
  • Your car seems to drive itself to the ice rink.
  • You’d buy a new stick for your child before you’d buy a new outfit.
  • You own a cowbell or know someone who does.
  • You think the refs are all crazy.
  • You think the other team’s parents are all crazy.
  • Your kid has gotten yelled at in a hotel for playing mini sticks.
  • You know what phrases like “bar down” and “two and ten” mean.
  • You refer to your child as an ’03 or U10.
  • You’ve lost entire weekends sitting in ice rinks watching games.
  • You know all the kids’ nicknames on the team, but you can’t remember the other parents’ first names.
  • You know the really, really cold rinks from the just plain cold rinks.
  • You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on skill crane, vending machines, and snack bars just to keep younger siblings entertained while at the rink.
  • You love to watch your child play hockey.
  • That last one is my favourite, obviously. I might never have guessed that I’d grow up to be a hockey mom, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  • What about you? What sports do your kids play? Is there anything specific about their sports that identifies you as a swim mom, dance mom, etc.?

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